Wonderful Dog Training Services

How I Can Help You Become A Wonderful Pet Owner

I can teach you to handle some of the most common challenges most owners face: 

  • Train your dog to sit and stay.
  • Train your dog to stop jumping on people.
  • Train your dog to be housebroken.
  • Train your dog to come when called.
  • Train your dog to refrain from pulling on the leash.

I can also help you address some of these other challenges you may be experiencing:

  • A dog that is exhibiting destructive behavior.
  • A dog that is chewing on owner's personal items such as furniture. 
  • A dog that is car sick.
  • A dog that likes to bark excessively.
  • A dog that suffers from separation anxiety.
  • A dog that runs away.

Of course, I am also equipped to help you with serious challenges also such as:

  • Aggression towards other dogs.
  • Aggression towards cats, squirrels, and other small animals.
  • Aggression towards adults and small children
  • Snapping at you and other family members. 

Before the first training, I like to talk to the owner and meet the dog.  This allows me to assess the challenges and create a solution based training program that is customized for both the owner and the dog.  

All training sessions are private.  

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  1. A Wonderful Puppy Training
    Puppy training is a privilege and with it comes the opportunity to introduce them to new adventures. But more importantly, it allows me to train you how to work with quick simple commands that suit an often changing attention span.
  2. A Wonderful Dog Training
    (ON-Leash and OFF-Leash) My training is catered around you and your dog. I will train you how to gain your dog's attention and earn their respect so that you transform from being their owner to becoming their leader.
  3. A Wonderful Dog Training - In-Kennel
    Every dog and owner is different and that is why we offer our In-Kennel Training opportunity for those owners who would like for us to help them get their Wonderful dogs ready. This is a 6-8 week training session with on-site boarding. Training includes Basic On-leash and Intermediate Off-leash lessons.
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