A Wonderful Puppy Training
​Here at A Wonderful Dog Trainer, we love working with new owners and puppies to help everyone start on the right paw. Unlike working with more mature dogs, puppy training is different, due to their attention span and the need to establish rules that both you the owner and the puppy can maintain. By doing so, it allows us to help you establish a relationship of trust and clear communication with your dog.

Each lesson has been designed by Louis.

Over the two lessons, we will address commands and situational exercises that will teach you how to own and work with a puppy as they are making new discoveries daily.

Here are a few items we will cover:
Potty Training
Food Aggression

After each lesson, there will be clear instructions on how to work on what was learned so that both you and your puppy become comfortable executing these simple commands on your own between sessions.

We look forward to working with both you and your puppy to create a WONDERFUL, long-lasting relationship.       

Before the first training, I like to talk to the owner and meet the dog.  This allows me to assess the challenges and create a solution based training program that is customized for both the owner and the dog.  

All training sessions are private.